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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is a multidisciplinary institution of higher learning and research, and a scientific center of international repute. Ranked among the world’s leading universities, at the Hebrew University students of all backgrounds receive a university education where excellence is emphasized. Its faculty and alumni have been awarded numerous national and international prizes, including the Nobel Prize.    


Nobel Prize       


Prof. Daniel Kahneman 

B.Sc., Psychology   

Former Faculty Member 

Nobel Prize in Economics, 2002  


Prof. David J. Gross 

B.Sc., Physics & Mathematics 

Nobel Prize in Physics, 2004  


Prof. Aaron Ciechanover 

M.Sc., Medicine, M.D. 

Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2004  


Prof. Avram Hershko 

M.D., Ph.D., Medicine 

Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2004  


Prof. Robert J. Aumann  

Faculty Member 

Nobel Prize in Economics, 2005 


Prof. Roger Kornberg 

Visiting Professor 

Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2006 


Israel Prize 


Largely regarded as the State of Israel's highest honor, the Israel Prize is presented annually, on Israeli Independence Day, in a state ceremony. Since 1953, this prestigious prize has been awarded to over 250 faculty members and alumni of the Hebrew University. In 2010 the prize was awarded to:  


Prof. Aryeh Levin, Linguistics 

Prof. Yehoshua Kolodny, Earth Sciences 

Prof. Abraham Tal, Linguistics 

Aryeh Sivan, Hebrew Poetry 

Hanoch Bartov, Literature 

Prof. Abraham Nitzan, Chemistry 

Prof. Avishai Margalit, Philosophy  


See the Hebrew University's YouTube Channel for a rich array of videos highlighting academic achievements at the University:

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