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Arriving on Campus

All students must arrive on the Mount Scopus campus for registration between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM, on the registration dates. 

Any student requiring housing, who arrives outside of these hours must make private arrangements for accommodations until the following morning, without exception.  For further instructions please see


Stranded in Jerusalem

To further clarify, if your plane is arriving at Ben Gurion International Airport at 2:00pm or later, you will not make it to Jerusalem in time to complete your registration and retrieve your housing keys from the Student Village offices.


During Ulpan registration, a shuttle bus is available to take students and their luggage from the Boyar Building to the Student Village following registration. 


Please be sure to have the following items accessible and on-hand:


Upon arrival at the airport :

  • Acceptance letter to the Rothberg International School (The Customs official often asks for this, and having it on-hand may end up sparing you unnecessary interrogation).
  • NIS in notes and coins especially for the cab or bus ride

For Financial Registration:

  • Acceptance letter to the Rothberg International School
  • Receipt(s) for any payment of tuition and dormitory fees
  • A copy of your financial aid award letter and/or letter of scholarship, if applicable
  • Your Ulpan placement letter, if applicable

Transportation to Jerusalem :

The ride to Jerusalem should take approximately 45 minutes. There are a number of transportation options available, depending upon your budget:

•  Sherut : This is a minivan taxi option, and the company name is Nesher ; you will find the vans located just outside of the baggage claim area, and their phone number is: 03-9752383. The sherut is the most recommended way to travel. It is less expensive than taking a private taxi cab, and has the convenience of door-to-door travel. Keep in mind that you will need to wait for the minibus to fill with passengers before departing from the airport, but the driver will drop you off at the Boyar Building or the hostel of your choice. This service should cost approximately 50 NIS .

•  Private Taxi : Private taxis will be lined up outside of the baggage claim area as well. Be sure to take a cab that has a yellow lit-up sign on the roof with a taxi license number on it. Payment is accepted in NIS currency only, and the estimated cost for travel to Jerusalem is approximately 300 NIS .

•  Bus Lines : Line number 5 departs from the airport every 15 minutes and will take you to the El-Al Junction. From there, you can take Line 947 to Jerusalem , which departs every 30 minutes until 20:20. After that, it departs at 21:03; 21:43; 22:23 . Please note that this line comes from Haifa and the hours posted here are estimated arrival times, which may vary. You can pay for the bus ticket on the bus, in NIS currency only, and the approximated fare is 21.50.  This bus will take you to the Jerusalem Central Bus Station.  From there you should take Bus # 28 or 26.

Directions for entering campus (primarily for taxi driver or private car):


Students who have been instructed to go directly to the Student Village must go to:


Scopus Student Village

2 Lohamei Hagetaot St.

97880 Jerusalem, ISRAEL

If the driver does not understand the instructions we have provided, please ask him/her  to call our offices.


Important phone numbers to have on-hand:

  • Division. of Summer Courses and Special Academic Programs of the Rothberg International School : 02-588-2602 or 02-588-1610
  • Division of Hebrew Language Instruction: of the Rothberg International School : 02-588-2603 or 02-588-2698
  • Madrich On-Call (available during weekdays and weekends): 054-8820830
  • Police: 100
  • Terem (24-hour emergency health care): Yermiahu 80, Beit Yahav, Tel: 02-5093333

Important: Until you have completed your registration at the University your health insurance is not active and you will need to pay for any health services out-of-pocket.


Campus  Map

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