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Student Counseling Services


A study abroad program can lead to personal growth, independence, cultural learning and memorable experiences.
But it can also be a stressful and challenging experience that involves acclimating to "culture shock" and new social situations.

The Student Counseling Services are intended for students who seek help with personal distress and psychological problems. The counselors are psychologists, social workers, and psychia­trists specializing in work with students on campus.  


Various psychological therapy treatments are offered including: 

  • Therapy for depression, anxiety and other emotional and functional difficulties  
  • Long-term dynamic psychotherapy 
  • Short-term/cognitive behavioral therapy  
  • Study skills and test anxiety 

The first counseling appointment can be arranged through one of the madrichim or by contacting our resident psychologist, Ayala Barak Haviv, by email: You may also come in person to the Student Counseling Services.


The student will initially be seen by a counselor for screening and evaluation. Following this meeting, suitable treatment will be offered to the student. 


A student in acute or immediate need can go to the Student Counseling Services without prior notice or an appointment. Students needing help after hours, including Fridays and Shabbat, should contact their madrich in the dormitories. Every student at the Hebrew University is entitled to use these services. 


The first assessment meeting is free of charge. A fee is charged for each additional session.  


Needless to say, all contact with the Student Counseling Services is absolutely confidential. All information, including the client’s identity, is confidential and will not be given to any person or organi­zation outside the Counseling Services without the consent of the student.  


Maiersdorf (Reznik) Building 10, 2nd floor, Mount Scopus campus, Tel. 02-5882685 or 02-5881699, Fax: 02-5817212  

Office Hours: Sunday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. 


Note: Therapy appointments are arranged individually and can take place at later hours.  


Counseling Hot Lines  


ERAN: 24-hour confidential help-line that offers emotional support to those who are lonely, depressed or going through a personal crisis: 1201 from any telephone • Russian: 1-800-241201 • Arabic: 1201 ext. 2, between 12:00 noon and 8:00 p.m.  


Rape Crisis Center: 24-hour hotline for victims of rape and sexual harassment: 1202 from any telephone or 02-6255558.  


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