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Rothberg International School The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Travel Warning & Security

All students at the Rothberg International School are expected to abide by the laws of the State of Israel and to follow the rules and regulations of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Rothberg International School (RIS). The RIS routinely provides its students with security guidelines to ensure their safety and well-being.


Areas outside Israel that are under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority constitute a serious security threat for all students, regardless of their nationality. The Provost of the Rothberg International School urges all students to refrain from entering such areas. It should be absolutely clear to all students that the RIS cannot be responsible for the well-being of any student who enters an area under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority. Students should also note that their UMS health insurance policy is not in effect outside the borders of Israel.


I declare that I have read and understand the above, and I will obey the rules and regulations issued by the Rothberg International School and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In the event that I do not follow these rules and regulations, I am aware that the Hebrew University and the Rothberg International School will in no way whatsoever be held responsible for my well-being.


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