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Uncovering Jerusalem: A Historical and Archaeological Survey (SPAR202/48794)

Uncovering Jerusalem: A Historical and Archaeological Survey (SPAR202/48794)

July 3 -  27, 2017


Yehuda Kaplan


Registration & Dorm Check In: July 3, 2017

Final Day for Dorm Check Out: July 27, 2017
Academic Hours: 60 | Credits: 4

Tuition: $1,780 | Housing: $775

Class Schedule: Sundays - Thursdays



Jerusalem is a major center for western religious civilizations, possessing a long and varied history. The course will deal with the city in the various stages of its development: from Biblical times, through the Middle Ages, and to the present. Subjects to be discussed include the city plan and its physical expansion; its social and cultural dimensions; and Jerusalem as a sacred center.  The course also will examine the city plan and its physical expansion, as well as analyze the relationship between the physical, social, cultural and religious dimensions of a city holy to the three major monotheistic religions. Taking advantage of Jerusalem as an open museum, students will explore its hidden treasures via an extensive series of study field trips throughout the course*. This course is a challenge to the scholar, as well as being a thrill to the inquiring mind.


* One of the field trips will be done by a Segway. Please note that pregnant women should not drive the Segway.



Application Information


Applicants currently enrolled in or who have completed an MA program are able to earn graduate credits for their participation in a summer course. More information on earning graduate credits is available on our website.


Take a look at our Online Application Instruction Video and the Overview of the Application Guidelines with useful information on how to complete and submit your online application.


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  Application Deadline: May 15th, 2017  - extended to July 1,2017


***Please note: The Hebrew University reserves the right to cancel courses for which there is insufficient registration.***


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