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Withdrawal Procedures

Students wishing to withdraw from studies at the RIS must:

·         Submit written notification to both their academic department and the RIS Finance Office (Boyar 501/502).

·         Bring a library clearance showing that all books have been returned.

·         Bring a dormitory clearance form showing they have vacated University housing.

·         Return their Student Card and Health Insurance Card (if applicable).

Failure to attend classes does not constitute formal withdrawal, but may result in a failing grade and a refund will not be issued.

Students who withdraw completely from the Hebrew University after receiving financial aid or a MASA grant may be required to return all or part of the aid/grant awarded.

Checkout Procedure

Obtaining Library Clearances

Students must bring their student card to the circulation desk in the Rothberg International School Library (on the first floor of the Boyar Building) to obtain a library clearance. Note that clearances are required even if the student has never used the library facilities.

Vacating Student Housing

All students must vacate housing in the Scopus Student Village by 3:00 p.m. on the date stated in the Check­out Table at the end of each program chapter. Please check the Supervisor's Office hours at other housing complexes (see locations below).

Students must have their rooms inspected, return their keys, and make sure they receive an official clearance from their housing supervisor.

If students need a place to store their belongings until their flight, special arrangements must be made in advance with the madrichim.


Supervisor’s Office

Scopus Student Village

Building 12

Maiersdorf (Reznik) Buildings 1-12

Building   9

Maiersdorf (Reznik) Buildings 13-19

Building 17

Bronfman (Idelson) Buildings 1-4, 12-15, 34-44

Building 42

Bronfman (Idelson) Buildings 16-20

Building 20

Please note:

·         Refunds take up to 30 days to process.

·         Under no circumstances will a refund be issued to students who do not notify the relevant office in writing that they are withdrawing from a course/program or that they are vacating student housing.

·         Refunds are issued in Israeli currency (NIS) according to the rate of exchange. Students who request a refund in any other currency will be charged a 0.7% bank fee. The refund may also be directly deposited into a bank account, either local or abroad, if banking details are provided.


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