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Preparatory Program-Mechina: Programs of Study

What is the Mechina?


Arabic / English / French / Korean / Russian / Spanish / Japanese





The Preparatory Program–Mechina provides an introduction to academic studies and language instruction to recent high school graduates as well as recently discharged soldiers who plan to continue their undergraduate studies in Israel and/or wish to improve their chances for admission to the Hebrew University .


The year-long program serves as a gateway to the Hebrew-speaking Israeli society, while helping the student refine their language and academic skills necessary for entering the University in the following year.

Two trends of study are offered:  

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Exact and Life Sciences

    The program consists of intensive Hebrew and English language instruction (to non-native English speakers), courses in Jewish History and Israel Studies, Statistics/Mathematics, and introductory courses that are recognized by certain departments in the faculties of Humanities, Social Sciences and Science.

    Special emphasis is placed on developing academic skills in Hebrew, English, and Jewish History courses. Most of the courses are taught in easy Hebrew. Students in Elementary Hebrew study Jewish history in their native languages. Many of the courses are experiential; for example, to better understand the archaeology and historical geography of Jerusalem, the students take field trips within the city and its surroundings.


    The RIS Preparatory Program is a mosaic of languages, cultures and backgrounds. Students speak Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish, English, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese and many other languages.


    The Mechina program not only prepares the students for academic studies, but also helps them to learn the art of integration with one another and within Israeli society.  


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