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Rothberg International School The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Check out the Rothberg International School. See it for yourself.

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Campus Map

The Hebrew University Mt. Scopus Campus Map

Office of Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities (OSA) is responsible for organizing diverse extracurricular programs specifically designed to introduce RIS students to the Land of Israel – its people, geography, culture and politics. The many exciting events, tours and activities that complement the academic program allow participants to see the country from new angles and provide them with a comprehensive, memorable Israel experience.


Living in University housing is an important part of the overall experience of studying abroad. Students have the opportunity to meet new friends from different cultures and continents – North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe – as well as a chance to share experiences with Israeli students.

Health Services

All students at the Hebrew University, including part-time and external students, must have health insurance coverage for the duration of their studies.

Student Services

The Student Union at the Hebrew University – The Aguda is the body representing all students at the University.

Student Spotlight

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