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Rothberg International School The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Modern Hebrew Language Programs 2017-18

The fees listed below only apply to external students studying on a specific Hebrew program. Students who continue their studies on one of our academic programs should consult the Hebrew fees listed under their specific academic program.

  • All fees are listed in US Dollars (US$), unless otherwise noted.
  • Application Fee (nonrefundable): Tourists: $80, Israeli Citizens: NIS 360 – per academic year.
  • Late Fee : $150 or 500 NIS for payments received after the program payment deadline.
  • Israeli Citizen - To qualify for this fee, the student must present an Israeli Identity Card ( Teudat Zehat )
  • Jerusalem Ulpan, Summer Ulpan, Scopus Ulpan, Undergraduate Ulpan
    Semester Modern Hebrew Courses for 8, 10, or 14 weekly hours.
    One month Modern Hebrew course
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