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International Board of Overseers

Rothberg International School - International Board of Governors

Founding Father

Mr. Sam Rothberg


Ms. Heidi Rothberg, US


Mr. Daniel I. Schlessinger, United States, Chairman, Hebrew University Board of Governors
Mr. Michael Gee, United States
Ms. Gail Asper, Canada
Mr. Michael Dunkel, Australia
Ms. Pamela Nadler Emmerich, United States
Mr. Charles Goodman, United States
Mr. Richard Goodman, United States
Mr. Eliyahu Honig, Israel
Mr. Ron Jakubowicz, Germany
Mr. Michael S. Kurtz, United States
Mr. Nathan Lindenberg, Canada
Mr. Clive Kabatznik, AFHU Board President
Mr. Elias Mekler, Mexico
Ms. Perla Mekler-Jiniche, Mexico
Mr. Philippe Nahmias, France
Mr. Murray Palay, Canada
Mr. George A. Schieren, United States
Mr. Benjamin Shapell, Israel
Ms. Nilly Sikorsky, Switzerland
Mr. Robert Simons, Australia
Mr. Ira Sorkin, United States
Ms. Marla Lerner Tanenbaum, United States
Prof. Judith Walzer, Head of Academic Committee, United States
Mr. Richard Ziman, United States

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Prof. Asher Cohen, President
Prof. Tamir Sheaffer, Rector
Prof. Oron Shagrir, Provost, Vice President of International Affairs
Mr. Yishai Fraenkel, Vice President and Director General
Mr. Yossi Gal, Vice President for External Relations
Prof. Yael Levin, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

Hebrew University Quick Facts

Founded: 1918 (opened 1925)
Senior Faculty Members: 1,000
RIS Students: 2,300
Total HebrewU Students: 22,000
Faculties: 7
Schools: 14
Academic Departments: 315
Research Centers: 100+
Alumni: 100,000
Nobel Prizes: 8
Fields Medal for Mathematics: 1
Israel Awards: 269
Wolf Prizes: 9
EMET Prizes: 33
Rothschild Prizes: 89

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