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Corona: The “AND”

48159    I    Corona: The “And” 

Lecture and Exercise

4 Weekly Hours


3 Credits

The Covid-19 (“Corona”) pandemic does not stand on its own. It had – and still has – a huge impact on our everyday life. The pandemic affected both the perception and behaviors on the personal level as well as many aspects of our society in a variety of generic fields, such as: Law and regulation, culture and sports, religion, politics, science. In each of the study units, we will touch on one of these areas and how it was affected by the Corona. Campaign: In the French language, the word Campaign means war, battle, battlefield, struggle. In marketing, both commercial and social, the word ‘campaign’ refers to advertising campaign or propaganda campaign. Our claim: In each of the areas discussed above, there was a war, a campaign – We address them in the course through two perspective: A. What the Public Health System has stated and done to fight the Corona in a particular field and/or sector. B. How each field and/or sector related to its relevant Public Health restrictions and what were its reactions and practical manifestations. In each session this struggle will be discussed in terms of conflicts, power relations, achievements and outcomes.

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