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Tel Dor: Summer Archaeological Field School


  • Take part in one of Israel’s first excavation projects combining terrestrial, coastal, and underwater digs.
  • Attend fascinating and informative lectures on the state of the research.
  • Gain an understanding of the application of the most up-to-date archaeological sciences in addition to the traditional tools and methods of field archaeology.
  • Tour nearby sites of archaeological and historical interest.
  • Gain hands-on experience in the field.

Tel Dor, one of the most scenic sites in Israel, lies on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, midway between Haifa and Tel Aviv. It was inhabited for about 2,200 years and has produced one of the longest archaeological records of eastern Mediterranean coastal archaeology, inspiring hundreds of research publications.

Your work on the Dor project will be relevant to the study of the northern Canaanites, Sea People and Phoenicians, the northern Israelite Kingdom, the Neo-Assyrian conquest in Western Asia, and the Levant’s role during the Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman periods. In 2016, we’re excavating near Dor’s southern lagoon, and for the first time in Israel, combining “terrestrial,” coastal, and underwater excavation in one project.


You can participate in the first two-week session, the second two-week session, or the entire four-week season. Minimum program duration is two weeks.

Course Components 

  • Instruction on excavation methods, artifact registration and analysis, the archaeology and history of Israel from the Bronze Age to the Roman period, 14C dating, organic residue analysis, computerized archaeology, mineralogical ceramic analysis, and more
  • Hands-on fieldwork experience

For full details on programming and fieldwork, please refer to the Tel Dor Archaeological Excavations website.

During the expedition, you will live in the pastoral Beit Oren Guesthouse, which is located high on the wooded Carmel ridge and offers splendid vistas of the Mediterranean coast. Each room houses two to four people, and all rooms have a shower/bath and air conditioning. A swimming pool is also available.

If you would like to take this course for academic credit (optional), you will pay a tuition fee of US$ 240 for two credits, or US$ 480 for four credits, plus an US$ 80 application fee to Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School. Please refer to the Tel Dor website for further information about costs.

This course is open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to mature learners with an academic background. You must be currently registered at or have been accepted to a recognized college or university or have successfully completed at least one year of study at an accredited institution of higher education. English-language fluency is also required.


You can choose to participate in the excavation for the field experience only, or you can decide to also earn credit from Hebrew University during your participation (and transfer the credits to your home institution). The application process differs according to your choice.

Participation Only

You’ll apply directly to the Tel Dor field school. Please see the Tel Dor excavation website for details on how to apply.

Participation & Academic Credit

In order to apply to earn academic credit for your participation in the archaeological field school, you’ll complete a three-step process:

  • Apply directly to the Tel Dor field school. Please see the Tel Dor excavation website for details on how to apply.
  • Attend the excavation and fulfill the academic requirements as determined by the director of your archaeological field school.
  • Once you have finished the field school and submitted a research paper, submit an application to HebrewU’s Rothberg International School (RIS) and pay the US$ 80 application fee and US$ 480 tuition fee.


We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about Tel Dor.

Email Mr. Barak Monnickendam-Givon

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Please note that HebrewU reserves the right to cancel courses for which there is insufficient registration.

Fast Facts


Tel Dor

Teaching Faculty:

Field school coordinator: Mr. Barak Monnickendam-Givon

Language of Instruction:





Undergraduate and graduate students; mature learners with an academic background


Academic credit (optional): US$ 120 per credit
Participation & housing fee: See dig website

Relevant Academic Fields:

Archaeology, ancient history, antiquities

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