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Hazor Lower City Excavations: Summer Archaeological Field School

Course Highlights

  • Experience being a participant of a never before excavated area.
  • Excavate at Hazor, the largest Canaanite city in the Middle and Late Bronze Ages.
  • Be part of an excavation that may uncover who destroyed Bronze Age Hazor and when.

Hazor was the largest Canaanite city in the Middle and Late Bronze Ages. The expedition will work in the lower city, where a large city gate has been found. Yadin excavated the eastern half of the gateway in the 1950s, but the western half remains for us to uncover. This was likely the most impressive city gate ever built in this region which includes two ramps leading from the valley up to the city, the massive gate, an adjacent fortress, and a large gate piazza inside the city. The last Canaanite city was suddenly destroyed and a rich destruction level is expected in the excavation areas.

You will be staying at a nearby kibbutz, with air-conditioned rooms and a swimming pool.

For questions on the structure and components of the dig, email the dig coordinators.

See the excavation website for more information.

This course is open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to mature learners with an academic background. You must be currently registered at or have been accepted to a recognized college or university or have successfully completed at least one year of study at an accredited institution of higher education. English-language fluency is also required. See the excavation website for more details.


You can choose to participate in the excavation for the field experience only, or you can decide to also earn credit from Hebrew University during your participation (and transfer the credits to your home institution). The application process differs according to your choice.

Participation Only

You will apply directly to the field school. Please see the excavation website for details on how to apply.

Participation & Academic Credit

In order to apply to earn academic credit for your participation in the archaeological field school, you will complete a three-step process:

  • Apply directly to the field school. Please see the excavation website for details on how to apply (listed under the “season information” for the upcoming year)
  • Attend the excavation and fulfill the academic requirements as determined by the director of your archaeological field school.
  • Once you have finished the field school and submitted a research paper, submit an applicationto HebrewU’s Rothberg International School (RIS) and pay the US$ 80 application fee and the US$ 120 per credit tuition fee.


We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

Questions about Hazor Lower City Excavations
For questions about applying directly to the field school – or any questions about the program – please contact Prof. Yossef Garfinkel.

Questions about Academic Credit
For questions about applying for academic credit through HebrewU’s RIS, please contact the Office of Summer Courses and Special Programs.

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Please note that HebrewU reserves the right to cancel courses for which there is insufficient registration.

Fast Facts


Hazor Lower City Excavations

Teaching Faculty:

Prof. Yossef Garfinkel

Language of Instruction:



1 credit per week of excavation

Program Dates:

28 June – 17 July, 2020

Excavation cancelled for summer 2020


Undergraduate and graduate students; mature learners with an academic background


Academic credit (optional): US$ 120 per credit.

Participation & housing fee: See dig website.

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