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Preston Winstead of the US

M.A. in the Bible and the Ancient Near East (2016)
B.A. from Ouachita Baptist University, US

“I did my M.A. in the Bible and the Ancient Near East over the past two years, and in that time, I was opened up to a whole new way of reading the Bible. The program focuses on linguistics and understanding the surrounding cultures more than any other program that I know of, and this understanding helps me to get into the mindset of an ancient Israelite and read the text more intimately than I ever could have imagined. But more importantly, I got to study under some of the best scholars in the world. Not only were they all wonderful lecturers, but they were also more than willing to sit down and guide me through what came next when I started looking into Ph.D. opportunities. Thanks to their shared wisdom, guidance, and the connections they offered, I’m now continuing my education at Cambridge, which has long been a dream of mine.

“But there’s also a social aspect of studying in an international school that is unbelievably valuable. I interacted with people from 30 or 40 different countries on a daily basis. Seeing so many different cultures so often changes the way that you see the world in the best possible way, and it helps you relate to people – both from different cultures and from your own – on a more intimate and compassionate level. Plus, it’s nice to have friends in so many different countries, as it gives me an excuse to visit.”

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