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Request E-Transcripts

Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School issues official certified transcripts in a digital format. We recommend that you take advantage of this hassle-free option. It’s an ideal way to get your transcripts as soon as possible, sent safely and securely to any email address. Plus, there’s no expensive postage or courier fees!

If you want to request a transcript for a Hebrew University degree program that’s not administered through RIS, please contact the appropriate department secretary.  

Below, you’ll find instructions for requesting an official certified e-transcript. If you’d prefer to order hard-copy transcripts, you can do that here

How It Works

  • Before you request a transcript, please be sure that any outstanding fees have been paid. You can confirm the status of your account by contacting the RIS Financial Department.
  • Follow the link to request a certified e-transcript and fill out the form.
  • Proceed to the payment gateway to make your payment. (See fee schedule below.)
  • You will receive notification as soon as your e-transcript is uploaded and deposited into your personal MYEASYDOCS account as well as login details to access your new MYEASYDOCS account.
  • Your e-transcript* will be in your personal MYEASYDOCS account for future use and can be forwarded to any email address at an additional cost.
  • To forward your certified e-transcript, log in to your MYEASYDOCS account ( and follow the instructions.  

*NOTE: Your e-transcript is only certified when the transcript is forwarded to an email address. When it is deposited in to your newly created personal MyEasyDocs account, it is an unofficial transcript and does not yet have the certification of a water mark stamp.

What It Costs

  • Requesting a certified e-transcript: one-time fee of US$ 10 (not applicable transcripts mentioned above)
  • Emailing a certified e-transcript to any email address: per-copy fee of US$ 15

Let’s say you want to submit your certified e-transcript to three different institutions. You would pay US$ 10 to set up an account with MYEASYDOCS and request your certified e-transcript from the Rothberg International School. After that, each certified e-transcript you forward will cost an additional US$ 15. So, your total cost is US$ 55.

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