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Payment Information - Students from the United States

Billing Statements



Billing statements are sent by email once students have been admitted. The bill will be accompanied by detailed payment instructions regarding due dates, payment methods and options.   




The billing letter contains a link directly to the student's account allowing them to view their current financial statement.


Payment in Full



For students who wish to pay their balance in full, payment options include:

  • Online Payments: For credit card payments made with VISA,, MasterCard,or Isracard,  a 1 .9 %* convenience fee (service charge) will be added to the payment amount.
  • Payments by Mail: To pay by mail, please send a check or money order (no cash, please) made payable to Hebrew University to the:

Office of Academic Affairs
Rothberg International School
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
One Battery Park Plaza, 25th Floor
New York, NY 10004-1405
Tel: 1 212-607-8520
Fax: 1 212-809-4183

Students with an outstanding balance upon arrival in Israel must be prepared to pay in full immediately or will not be able to register. Acceptable methods of payment in Israel include bank check, traveler’s check,  cash, or a United States issued VISA or MasterCard; personal checks will not be accepted in Israel.


Home School Financial Aid and Loans


Students who will be receiving financial aid, including loans, through their home school can have their balance deferred. Only the amount of aid indicated on your award letter from your home school will be deferred. If a balance still remains, you must satisfy the remaining balance owed by paying in full or by enrolling in the Installment Payment Plan.


Aid from your home school is due as follows:

  • Students enrolled for Autumn semester only: in October
  • Students enrolled for the full year: 50% in October and 50% in February

All funds from home school financial aid awards to be applied to your Hebrew University account must be disbursed directly from your school to the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) in New York. Please submit a copy of your financial aid award letter from your home school along with a letter from a financial aid officer certifying that funds will be sent directly to the OAA. As an alternative, you may remit payment to the Hebrew University and be reimbursed by your home school.




The RIS/HU refund schedule appears on our webpage in the financial information section of each individual department. Please retain this schedule for future reference. No exceptions to the refund schedule are made. All refunds are contingent upon the student's full compliance with official withdrawal procedures.


Contact Student Financial Services .

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