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Request Official Paper Transcripts

Students are entitled to receive five official copies of their transcript (record of study) free of charge within six months after completion of the academic requirements of the program at the Rothberg International School (RIS), provided that all outstanding tuition and dormitory fees have been paid and all library books have been returned. To make sure all outstanding fees have been paid, please contact the financial department at RIS before you leave.


After this six-month period, students can obtain transcripts via mail (or unofficially via fax) for a fee of US $15 per transcript. Students who order five transcripts or more on the same request form are charged US $15 per transcript for the first four copies ordered and US$5 for each additional transcript (for example, five transcripts would cost US$65 and ten transcripts US$90).


When to Expect your Transcripts


Transcripts are sent via regular post from Jerusalem and can take up to 30 days to arrive. Once they are sent out, the Jerusalem office has no way to track them. Contact your local RIS office if they are taking longer to arrive. If you would like an unofficial copy, the Jerusalem office can fax it. Make sure to enter the fax number in the appropriate line on the request form. You still have to pay US$15 for the faxed transcript.


If you are in a hurry, the Jerusalem office can FEDEX the transcripts which takes three business days. Note that FEDEX is much more expensive, sometimes around US$80 per package. If you are sending multiple transcripts via FEDEX, we recommend sending them to your home first and sending them domestically from there. To have your transcripts sent by FEDEX, you must create an online FEDEX account ( ), and then enter your FEDEX account number and name of the FEDEX account holder in the appropriate box on the transcript request form.


To order your transcript

  • Students who have completed the academic requirements of their program at RIS less than six months ago
    Please complete the Transcript Request Form below. Make sure you have entered everything correctly before clicking “submit”, as there is no way to change the information once it has been submitted. The form goes directly to the relevant department in the Jerusalem office, so any questions regarding the status of your transcript should be directed to the department you are submitting the form to:
  • Students who have completed the academic requirements of their program at RIS more than six months ago
    • Please pay first. Transcript requests will not be processed until payment is received.
    • Please see for payment options. We recommend paying online as it is quick and simple, although please note there is non-refundable US$5 service fee.
    • If you pay online: when you click "Submit", make sure to copy your confirmation/tracking number as you will need it to order your transcript. Please enter the online payment tracking number in the "Tracking Number for Credit Card Payments (last screen)" field on your transcript request form.
  • Requests for transcripts from regular Hebrew University degree programs should be addressed to the relevant Faculty Secretary .
Transcript Request Form

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