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Fees and Refunds - Summer Programs

For financial information regarding summer Modern Hebrew Language Programs

Summer Programs 2014

All fees are in US Dollars (US$) unless otherwise noted and are in effect for the Summer 2014 programs.

Late Fee : $150 for payments received after the program payment deadline listed below.


For housing checkin and checkout dates please see

Students who enroll in more than one Summer Course (July 3–31, 2014) receive a 10% discount on their overall course tuition.
The discount does not apply to Language Courses, Archeological Field Schools and Special Programs.

Students who are studying in more than one summer program and are living in University housing will be charged an additional housing fee for the days between the programs.




Language Courses

Biblical Hebrew



June 9, 2014

Arabic Immersion Program



June 9, 2014

Summer Courses



June 12, 2014

Trauma and Resilience

Two-week Program



June 12, 2014

Third-week Specialty Course



June 12, 2014

Archaeology of the New Testament



  July 20, 2014

Archaeology Field Schools

$120 per course credit

1. Fee is determined per course. Please see our website .

The Hebrew University reserves the right to cancel any course for which there is insufficient registration.

Requests to change courses may only be made during the first three days of classes. Should there be a difference in price, the students will be charged or issued a refund accordingly.



Replacement of Student Card

NIS 60

Hard Copy of Transcripts (beyond first 5)*


Request a   Certified e-transcript (one-time fee)


Email an e-transcript to any specified address:   (per copy)



*Students are eligible to receive 5 free copies of their transcripts for up to six months from the end of the program. Students who order five transcripts or more on the same transcript request form are charged US$15 per transcript for the first four copies ordered and then US$5 for each additional transcript on the same order. Thus, for example, 5 transcripts would cost US$65 and 10 transcripts US$90.

For more information on ordering additional transcripts please see:


Tuition Refunds

Refunds are contingent upon the student’s full compliance with official withdrawal procedures .


During the first 3 days of classes

25% of tuition fee

Between the fourth and the sixth day

50% of tuition fee

After the sixth day of classes

100% of tuition fee

Housing Refunds

Students who have accepted a room key and/or have moved personal possessions into a room and then wish to vacate University housing must submit written notification to the RIS Finance Office, Boyar 501/502.

Summer course students who withdraw from the program and vacate University housing within the first three days of classes are issued a refund, provided they present an official clearance from the Housing Office confirming their departure.

Refunds are issued minus the payment for the days the student resided in the housing ($30 per day of occupancy). Students who do not withdraw from the program or who vacate their rooms after the first three days of classes are not issued refunds .

Registration and Housing Check-Out Dates


Registration Date

Housing Check-out Date

Biblical Hebrew

June 23, 2014

July 28, 2014

Arabic Immersion June 23, 2014 July 31, 2014

Trauma and Resilience

June 26, 2014

July 13 2014 (Two Week)
July 20, 2014 (Three Week)

Summer Courses

July 02, 2014

July 31, 2014

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