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Rothberg International School The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Mechina Fees and Refunds 2016-17

Check here for 2015-16 Fees.



  • Application Fee (nonrefundable): Tourists: $80, Israeli Citizens: NIS 360 – per academic year. 

  • Students who are studying on both the Jerusalem Ulpan and the Summer Ulpan receive a 10% discount on the Jerusalem Ulpan.

  • For housing checkin and checkout dates please see
  • Successful completion allows students to be admitted directly to Bachelor's degree studies in their selected department, with no need to take the Psychometric Entrance Test.
    Full-time and Part-time students who are not Israeli citizens or do not possess an Israeli identiy card
    Students possessing an Israeli Identity Card including Student Authority Grant Recipients, Discharged Israeli Soldiers and Sherut leumi Graduates
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