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Meet Our Students

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Hope Wilson, UGANDA
People always ask me why I chose to study in Israel and the answer is simple. The Hebrew University has an enduring academic history that is unparalleled with other international institutions. It offers an ideal environment for the pursuit of academic excellence, and it is a place where the old meets the new in perfect harmony. When it comes to studying the Bible, what better place to learn than the place where it all began
Chris McIntosh, USA
Living in Jerusalem while studying at the Rothberg International School was a most horizon-broadening experience. As an Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies MA candidate, I found the seminars to be highly complimentary of one another across the spectrum of topics, from language to arts and modern history. Sometimes, even on a daily basis, I had the opportunity to analyze a specific aspect of the region from several different angles.

Yunhua Zhai, CHINA

My studies at Rothberg have been an unforgettable time in my life. The program of study was very condensed; however it made my time busy and meaningful. The Rothberg International School is a place for growth and the development of knowledge, intellectual abilities and capability.

Iosif Zhakevich, USA
In completing two years of studies at Rothberg, and taking courses in Bible, Archaeology, Ancient languages, Modern Hebrew, and many others, I have realized that the Rothberg experience is much more than a two-year MA degree—Rothberg is a threshold through which international students enter into the world and scholarship of Israel, both during the two years at Rothberg and more so after they complete this program in their future years.
Sofia Sainz de Aja, SPAIN
Ser estudiante en la Escuela Internacional Rothberg ha sido la mejor experiencia de mi vida. No creo que hubiera podido elegir un sitio mejor para estudiar un Máster en estudios Islámicos y de Oriente Medio. Después de terminar mi B.A. en Periodismo llegó el momento de especializarme y la verdad es que el programa que ofrece Rothberg ha cumplido todas mis expectativas.

Being a student at Rothberg International School has been the best experience of my life. I do not think that I could have chosen a better place to study a Masters degree on Middle Eastern studies.

Tae Hoon Kim, KOREA
저는 히브리대학교 로스버그인터내셔날스쿨(이하 로스버그스쿨)에서 Community Leadership and Philanthropy Studies (NGO 경영)를 공부하고 있는 김태훈 이라고 합니다.

It is such a privilege and honor to share my affection and experience with potential students from all over the world. As I am approaching the completion of my graduate studies at the Rothberg International School, I would like to share my meaningful experience that I had during my studies.

Elizabeth Vidal, FRANCE
Je m'appelle Elisabeth, je viens de France et je termine actuellement ma thèse de Lettres à l'Université Paris 7. Mon sujet porte sur l'assimilation des séfarades. Je travaille plus précisément sur l'assimilation des séfarades à la société française et israélienne. J'ai décidé d'étudier leur processus d'intégration et ce qu'ils ont apporté à la société. Mon immersion en Israël a changé les perpectives de mes recherches.

My name is Elisabeth Vidal, I am from France and I am in the final stages of writing my thesis at the University of Paris 7. The subject of my thesis is the assimilation of Sephardi Jews. More precisely, I am concerned with the assimilation of Sephardis into French and Israeli society. For the past two years of living in Israel, I have been immersed in Jewish society, and this has had a significant impact on the perspective of my research...

Dai miei due anni di studi alla Hebrew University ho ricevuto molto più di ciò che avrei mai potuto immaginare. In primis ho avuto l'opportunità di entrare in contatto con alcuni dei più noti studiosi di temi legati al Vicino Oriente: lo spessore e l'approccio critico delle loro analisi mi ha confermato il motivo per il quale la Hebrew University è riconosciuta per essere una delle migliori università al mondo.

My two years of studies at the Hebrew University gave me much more than I could ever have expected. It offered me the opportunity to enter in contact with some of the most well-known scholars focused on Middle Eastern issues: their critical analyses about every aspect of Israeli Society...
Kim Seifert, USA
The Israeli Politics and Society M.A. program at Rothberg International School was my first exposure to Hebrew and political studies. I can now confirm that the Hebrew classes at RIS are by far the best in Israel. I also could not imagine a better place to study Israeli politics and society. Not only did I live one street away from the Prime Minister’s residence, but all of the top academic thinkers in the field are RIS professors.
Sean Cerano, USA
My name is Sean Carano. I am a Captain in the United States Marine Corps and a second-year student at the Rothberg School pursuing my M.A. in Israel Society and Politics (ISP). In 2009, while serving in Afghanistan, I received notification that I would be moving to Israel to study at the Hebrew University as an Olmsted Scholar.
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