The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Rothberg International School

Division of Undergraduate Studies

Spring Semester 2017


48278: The Palestinians:  Modern History and Society

Professor Nafez Nazzal


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This course is an introductory survey of the history, politics, and society of the Palestinians. It focuses on the rise and development of Palestinian nationalism and the changing nature of the Palestinian population and leadership since W.W.I. The course will also examine the social structure, the family, gender relations, and the transformation of Palestinian Society.  It concludes with an assessment of the causes, results, and effects of the wars in the region, the negotiations and agreements between Israel and the PLO/PNA since 1993 and the prospects of peace and security in the Middle East.


Course requirements:

(a) Attendance and active participation in all class discussions (10%)

(b) A midterm (40%) and a final examination (50%)

Course Outline:

I. Introductory Remarks: Historical, political, social, and economic background of Palestine to 1914 (February 21)

Required Readings:

Samih Farsoun and Christina Zacharia. Palestine and the Palestinians (Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, 1997), pp. 21-65. Main Library DS 119.7 F38; ERESERVE 001508955

II. The emergence of Arab/Palestinian Nationalism (February 23, 28)

Required Readings:

Muhammad Muslih, "Arab Politics and the Rise of Palestinian Nationalism ", Journal of Palestine studies, Vol. XVI, no. 4 (Summer 1987), pp. 77-94. E-JOURNAL (via JStor)

Adnan Abu Ghazaleh, "Arab Cultural Nationalism in Palestine during the British Mandate”, JPS, Vol. I, no 3 (Spring 1972), pp. 37-63. E-JOURNAL(via JStor)

III. Palestine under the British Mandate System, 1920-1948 (March 1, 6, 8)

Required Readings:

Henry Cattan, Palestine, the Arabs and Israel (London: Longman, 1969), pp. 3-30. Main Library DS 119.7 C38; ERESERVE 001508957

Anthony Nutting, Balfour and Palestine: A Legacy of Deceit (London: The Council for Arab-British Understanding). pp. 75-86. Google or

Michael Adams, "What Went Wrong in Palestine." JPS, Vol. 18, no.1, (Autumn, 1988), pp. 71-82. E-JOURNAL

IV. The Palestinians, the Arab States and Israel, 1948-1967 (March 13, 15)

1) The 1948 War: New borders and displaced people

Required Readings:

Sami Hadawi, Bitter Harvest: Palestine between 1914-1967 (New York: The New World Press), pp. 100-115. ERESERVE 001509172

Nafez Nazzal. The Palestinian Exodus from Galilee, 1948 (Beirut: The Institute for Palestine Studies, 1978), pp. 65-110. Overseas Library E325.21 N34; ERESERVE 001971964

Alone Ben-Meir, “The Palestinian Refugees: Ending Their Lingering Plight”, The World Post (Huffington Post and Berggruen Institute), (October 16, 2014). Google or

2) The formation of the PLO

Required Readings: Rashid Hamid, “What is the PLO.” JPS, Vol. 4, no. 4 (Summer 1975), pp. 90-109 E-JOURNAL

The Palestinian National Charter, 1964-1968. Google or Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Avalon Project.

V. Palestinian Society: Structure and Institutions (March 20, 22, 27)

Required Readings:

Moshe Shemesh, "The Palestinian Society in the Wake of the 1948 War: From social fragmentation to consolidation", Israel Studies, Vol. 9, no. 1, (Spring 2004), pp. 86-100. E-JOURNAL

Tawfiq Zayyad, "The Fate of the Arabs in Israel", JPS, Vol. 6, no. 1 (Autumn 1976), pp. 92-102. E-JOURNAL

Rosemary Sayigh, "The Palestinian Identity among Camp Residents", JPS, Vol. 6, no. 3 (Spring 1977), pp. 3-22. E-JOURNAL

“Society and Living Conditions”, PASSIA Desk Diary (Jerusalem: PASSIA, 2014). pp. 1-6. Google (via or:

Midterm Examination – March 29

VI. Historical, political, and social developments in Palestine, 1967-1993 (April 3, 5, 10, 12)

1) The 1967 War and its backlash on Palestinian Society

Required Readings:

Hisham Sharabi, "Prelude to War: The Crisis of May-June 1967", Ibrahim Abu-Loghod, ed.,The Arab-Israeli Confrontation of June 1967: An Arab Perspective (Evanstown: Northwestern University Press, 1970), pp. 49-65. Overseas Library E990.21 A166; ERESERVE 001943149

2) The Israeli administration of the Palestinian Occupied Territories

Required Readings:

Arie Arnon, “Israeli Policy towards the Occupied Palestinian Territories: The Economic Dimension, 1967-2007”, Middle East Journal, Vol. 61, no.4 (Autumn 2007), pp. 573-595. E-JOURNAL

Marianne Heiberg and Geir Øvensen, “The Transformation of Palestinian Society: Fragmentation and Occupation”, Palestinian Society in Gaza, West Bank and Arab Jerusalem (Institute for Palestine Studies, 1993) Google or

Khader Abusway, Rose-Maria Barbeau and Muhammad el-Hasan, Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Israeli Settlements and the Peace Process (Jerusalem: Jerusalem Media and Communication Center, 1997), pp. 29-50. Main Library DS 119.76 A29 1997; ERESERVE 001509169

“Land and Settlements.” PASSIA Desk Diary (Jerusalem: PASSIA, 2014) Google (via or:

United Nations, Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs-Occupied Palestinian Territories. Area C of the West Bank: Key Humanitarian Concerns (Jerusalem 2013). Google or

Helga Tawil-Souri, “Qalanddia Checkpoint: The Historical Geography of a non-Place”, Jerusalem Quarterly, no.42 (Summer 2010), pp.26-48. E-JOURNAL (free access:

Philip J. Dermer, “Trip notes on a return to Israel and the West Bank: Reflections on U.S. Peace Making, the Security Mission, and what should be done”, JPS, Vol. 39, no. 3 (Spring 2010), pp. 66-81 E-JOURNAL

3) Palestinian perception and reaction to the Yom Kippur/Ramadan War of 1973 and to the Camp David Agreement

Required Readings:

Fayez Sayegh, "The Camp David Agreement and the Palestinian Problem" JPS, Vol. 8, no. 2 (Winter 1979), pp. 3-40. E-JOURNAL

W.F. Abboushi, "Changing Political Attitudes in the West Bank after Camp David”, Emile Nakhleh (ed.), A Palestinian agenda for the West Bank and Gaza (Washington, D.C: American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, 1980.) pp. 6-14. Main Library DS 127.96 O3 P35; ERESERVE 001509176

4) The Palestinian Uprising (Intifada) of 1987

Required Readings:

Aryeh Shalev, “Causes of the uprising”, The Intifada: Causes and Effects (Boulder: West View Press, 1991), pp. 13-43. Overseas Library E322.42 S528; ERESERVE 001943150

VII. Rapprochement and coexistence, 1993-present (May 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22)

1) The Madrid Middle East Peace Conference and the Declaration of Principles (DOP/1993)

Required Readings:

Burhan Dajani, “The September 1993 Israeli-PLO Document: A Textual Analysis” JPS, Vol. 23, no. 3 (Spring 1994), pp. 5-23. E-JOURNAL

2) Oslo II (1995) Accords; Israeli redeployment in Hebron(1997); the Wye River Memorandum (1998).

Required Readings: Avi Shlaim, "The Oslo Accord" JPS. Vol. 23, no. 3 (Spring 1994), pp.24-40. E-JOURNAL

3) Camp David II Accords of 2000 and the Palestinians

Required Readings:

Helga Baumgarten, The Myth of Camp David or the Distortion of the Palestinian Narrative. (Birzeit: Birzeit University, 2004), pp. 7-18; 59-64. Google or

4) The significance and implications of Al-Aqsa (2000) Intifada

5) Taba Conference ( 2001); Road Map (2002); Geneve Initiative (2003); Sharon Initiative (2003)

Required Readings:

Rema Hammami and Salim Tamari, “The Second Uprising: End or New Beginning?” JPS, Vol. 30, no. 2 (Winter 2001), pp. 5-25. E-JOURNAL

6) The post-Arafat Era: The PNA in the West Bank vs. Hamas in the Gaza Strip (2006-200)

Required Readings:

Meir Litvak, “The Islamization of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: The Case of Hamas” Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 34. No. 1 (January 1998). pp. 148-163. E-JOURNAL

Sara Roy, "Praying with their Eyes Closed: Reflections on the Disengagement from Gaza" JPS, Vol. 34, no. 4, (Summer 2005), pp. 64-74. E-JOURNAL

Graham Usher, "Democratic Resistance: Hamas, Fatah, and the Palestinian Elections" JPS, Vol. 35, no. 3, (Spring 2006), pp. 20-36. E-JOURNAL

Menachem Klein, "Hamas in Power" Middle East Journal, Vol. 61, no. 3 (Summer2007), pp. 442-449. E-JOURNAL

7) The prospects of peace and security in the Middle East: Annapolis Conference (2007); Israeli-Palestinian Talks (2009-present)

Required Readings:

Beshara Doumani, "Palestine versus the Palestinians? The Iron Laws and Ironies of a People Denied" JPS, Vol. 36, no. 4 (Summer 2007), pp. 49-63. E-JOURNAL

Paul L. Scham, “Of Ceasefires, Legitimacy and Lives vs. Strategy”, Partners for Progressive Israel. July 28, 2014 Google or

Raphael Cohen-Almagor, “Parameters for a Two-State Solution”, Palestine-Israel Journal, Vol. 21, No.2 (2015), pp. 112-119. Google or

2016 May 2-Final Examination

Optional/Recommended Readings:

Yehoshua Porath. The Palestinian Arab National Movement: From Riots to Rebellion, 1929-1939 (London: Frank Cass, 1977). Overseas Library E329.2 P832

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