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Summer Intensive Language Courses

The Department of Summer Courses and Special Programs offers language courses in Biblical Hebrew and Arabic, on introductory and intermediate levels. The courses are instructed by highly professional, dynamic and experienced staff. Teaching methods include frontal classroom instruction and conversational practice, and incorporate multi-media educational aids and the use of both classical and modern texts.  


Please note: The application process is course-specific. 


For details regarding the application process for Modern Hebrew, please refer to the Division of Hebrew Language Instruction.  



Biblical Hebrew 


The Biblical Hebrew program offers students a unique academic experience of Biblical Hebrew study in the land where the Hebrew Bible was written. The Rothberg International School offers a summer course in the elementary level and the Advanced Level. This intensive and engaging program offers an eye-opening approach to textual and historical issues of Biblical Hebrew, while building the students' vocabulary and grammatical understanding of concrete biblical texts. 


Arabic Immersion 


Based on the principle of total immersion, this six-week course combines intensive classes in both colloquial Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic—the formal language employed in print, news broadcasts and formal speeches across the Arab world. Through classes, coffee hours with Arabic speakers, cultural events, and tours to religious and cultural sites throughout Jerusalem and Israel, students will learn the read, write and speak Arabic. 


Modern Hebrew - Offered by the Division of Hebrew Language Instruction at the Rothberg International School 

The Division of Hebrew Language Instruction offers modern Hebrew language courses on all levels. Hebrew language is taught by a highly professional and experienced staff. Emphasis is placed on internalizing the language and practical usage. Teaching methods range from traditional classroom instruction and conversation practice to language laboratory sessions that utilize audio and video cassettes, computers and new multimedia educational aids. 



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