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Summer Programs 2017


Hebrew at the Hebrew University – A Unique Opportunity 


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is an ideal setting for studying Hebrew. All Summer programs offer daily classroom instruction, in which the four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening are practiced in a communicative attitude. Classroom instruction is reinforced with guest lectures, field trips, and cultural activities.

Hebrew studies are available on six levels, ranging from elementary (Aleph) to upper advanced (Vav). Courses are designed primarily for students enrolled in academic programs at the Hebrew University, but are also open to students who wish to learn only Hebrew (OHS), with appropriate academic background. All applicants must have been accepted to a recognized college or university or have successfully completed at least one year of study at an accredited institution of higher education. High school graduates who have successfully completed their matriculation exams may also apply. 


Jerusalem Ulpan: June 26 − July 31, 2017

Application deadline: May 26, 2017

140 academic hours, 7 credits


Classes on level Heh and Vav (Advanced and Upper-Advanced) only open if enough students register.

In this ulpan It is not possible to complete an entire level .


Summer Ulpan: August 7- September 27, 2017

Application deadline: July 7, 2017

200 academic hours, 10 credits


Scopus Ulpan: Aug 7- August 27, 2017

Application deadline: July 7 ,2017

88 academic hours, 4 credits


The Scopus Ulpan is an intensive Hebrew language course ,

in which it is not possible to complete a full level, and students who return to study at the RIS might find it difficult to find a suitable Hebrew class.

Therefore it is recommended that students who might want to continue to study at the RIS in the future take the Summer Ulpan in order to complete a full level of Hebrew.

Please note that the opening of the course is dependent upon a minimum number of registered students. 


September Undergraduate Ulpan * – September 3 - September 27, 2017

100 academic hours, 5 credits


* The September Undergraduate Ulpan is only open to full-time students enrolled in the RIS Division of Undergraduate Studies.
External students will not be admitted


  For more information , please contact us by email:


Complete Beginners!  Learn the Hebrew alphabet on the web, using Internet Explorer at:


All accepted students must complete financial registration in Jerusalem before starting the course, even if they have paid their fees in advanced. Students must attend classes from the first day of the Ulpan.  

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