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Hebrew Exams

Placement Exam (B'hinat Miyun)

The Placement Exam is designed to assess Hebrew proficiency and is used to place students in the appropriate class according to their level. This exam must be taken by all new candidates to RIS programs.

Proficiency & Exemption Exams (B'hinat Rama & P'tor)

Upon completion of a Hebrew language course (at the end of a semester or Ulpan), students on levels Aleph-Heh usually take the Level / Proficiency Exam (B'hinat Rama), or the Exemption / P'tor Exam on level Vav. The P'tor exam may also be taken by students who reached exemption level on their placement tests. Exam scores are used to determine students' Hebrew level for the following semester and/or for admission to degree studies. Students who take the Level or Exemption exams not upon completion of their course must register for these exams in advance.
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