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Regular Degree Students

The information on this page is intended for students who apply for degree studies at the Hebrew University for the coming academic year.

Hebrew Placement Exam


This Exam is designed to assess Hebrew proficiency and is used to place students in the appropriate class according to their level.

The format of the Hebrew placement exam has changed.

From now on, all candidates are requested to take the test online at   

You have to receive a letter with your ID number and password from the Office of Overseas Students Admissions (degree studies) in order to take the exam.


Important for everyone: 

  • Please read the instructions carefully before taking the exam
  • Complete the exam on your own.
  • Do not use a dictionary.
  • Do not guess, as this exam is for you.

All applicants must take the Proficiency Test following the placement exam.

The Proficiency Test is taken at the Division of Hebrew Language Instruction, Boyar Bldg., Mount Scopus, in rooms 444-447 or 435-436. The test is offered every Monday and Wednesday, 09:00-13:00,  not including holidays.


All new students must take this tests before commencing their studies in the Ulpan. Without these tests we cannot reserve a place for you on the course!

* Please note if you have taken the placement exam already there is no need for this step.


Summer Ulpan - Application Guidelines


These guidelines are specifically for Hebrew University regular degree candidates and students. They are not applicable to students enrolled in programs at the Rothberg International School.


To be submitted by all applicants:

  1. Application form (click here)
  2. A letter of application acknowledgement  to the Hebrew University and your student I.D number (issued by the Office of Overseas Students Admissions)   

  3. One passport size photo
  4. Hebrew Placement Test Above. Without this test we cannot reserve a place for you in the Ulpan!  

To be submitted if relevant: 

Please inform us about any change of address or personal information.


The documents should be sent to:

Division of Hebrew Language Instruction

Rothberg International School

Boyar Building, Mount Scopus

Jerusalem 91905, Israel


Tel. 972 2 5882698, 972 5882603, 972 2 5881363

Fax: 972 2 5882363


  medical form
  טופס הרשמה תלמידים מן המניין
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