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Rothberg International School The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Regulations and Policies


Informational updates about procedures and regulations: 


It is the student's responsibility to check due dates, deadlines and procedures with the Division of Graduate Studies. 

The Division of Graduate Studies sends via email all official updates and information to the student's Hebrew University email account, as per Hebrew University regulations. 

The Hebrew University email account is available at the start of the program.  Therefore, students are expected to check their HUJI email account regularly, or change the settings of their HUJI account so that any incoming emails are emailed to an account that the student checks regularly.  Additionally, updated information will also be posted on the Rothberg International School website at: and on bulletin boards in the Boyar Building.

Academic Registration

Learning Disability

Exam Regulations

Modern Hebrew

Papers Regulations

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Financial Aid Policies and Procedure Manual August 2014

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