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Papers Regulations

Deadlines for final papers ands seminar papers


The deadlines listed online (Personal Information page) are administrative deadlines.  Instructors may set the deadlines earlier than those listed online but not later.  Check with the instructor regarding the deadline for the paper. 




Students requiring extensions beyond the deadlines must receive prior approval in writing from the instructor and from the Graduate Studies Division office. 


Handing in papers


1.    For instructors who require a hard-copy of the paper: A hard copy of the paper should be handed in to the Division of Graduate Studies.*  The Division of Graduate Studies will forward the paper to the instructor.  

(Students who are abroad at the time of submission and are not able to submit a hard copy may email their paper to


2.   For instructors who accept an emailed copy of the paper: Please email the paper to the instructor with a cc to*


3.   Non-Rothberg courses: please submit an electronic copy to our office and submit the paper directly to the instructor (electronic or hard copy, according to the instructor's wishes). 


Information to include: 

Final assignments should include a cover page with the following information: 

¨       Student name 

¨       Student ID 

¨       Course number 

¨       Course name 

¨       Professor name 

¨       Date of submission 



* Why does the Graduate Office track submission of papers? 

1. To act as a third party and ensure that no misunderstanding occurs where a student claims to have submitted a paper and the instructor claims to have never received it. 

2. According to university regulations, late submission of papers may lead to additional tuition fees.  The instructors are not always aware of this deadline set by the university.  Our office checks that student submissions and extension requests do not exceed this deadline. 


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