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Graduate Programs Fees and Refunds 2015-16

All fees are listed in US Dollars (US$), unless otherwise noted, and are in effect only for the 2015/16 academic year.
  • Application Fee (non-refundable): Tourists: $80, Israeli Citizens: NIS 360 – per academic year.
  • Late Fee: $150 or 500 NIS for payments received after the program payment deadline
  • Late Registration Fee : $20 for students who do not academically register by the deadline.
  • Israeli Citizen – To qualify, a student must present an Israeli Identity Card ( Teudat Zehat ).
Masters Programs, MA Third Year and LLM Degree Programs
Full-Time and Part-Time Visiting Graduate and Visiting Research Students
Advanced M.A. or doctoral candidates who have completed their course work and are working full-time on their dissertations
Jerusalem, Summer and Winter Ulpans and semester Hebrew Language Programs
Literary Arabic Language Study Program
Information for students studying in the summer 2015 semester
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