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Exam Regulations


Final Exam Schedule


The final exam schedule for Rothberg courses can be viewed via your Personal Information Page or in the RIS Course Search Engine

Students who are taking courses outside of Rothberg must check their exam schedule by logging into the Hebrew University student page (use the same username and personal code as the Rothberg website). 




Two Exam Sessions? How It Works


SOME (but not all) courses give students the option to take the final exams in two sessions ("Moed Alef" and "Moed Bet").  Students enrolled in the courses with two sessions have the choice to sit the exam in EITHER OR BOTH SESSIONS, as follows:  


1.   Students who take the Moed Alef exam will be allowed to sign up for the Moed Bet exam.  The grade that will count is the grade of the last exam taken, not the highest of the two grades.  Students who take only Moed Bet will not have another exam date available to them (no Moed Gimmel) 

2.   Students do not have to sign up in advance for Moed Alef, but do have to sign up in advance for Moed Bet.  Students should sign up for the Moed Bet through this link after the Moed Alef exam takes place.  

3.   Moed Alef and Moed Bet exam dates can be viewed on the student's Personal Information page or on the online course listing through the Course Search Engine.   



Exam policy and requesting a special exam session


The final exam week for the Autumn and Spring semesters are published online prior to the start of the academic year.  Students are expected to check their final exam schedules at the beginning of the semester prior to the Add and Drop periods.  Students are required to adhere to their exam schedules.  No exception or rescheduling of final exams will be possible, except for extenuating circumstances (medical or family emergency, etc).   


Students requesting to reschedule a final exam must submit their request in writing no later than 1 month prior to the scheduled exam and explain their reasons for requesting a different exam date.  The request will be presented to an academic committee to decide whether the request has merit and they will be notified in writing about the decision of the committee. 


Students must be at the entrance of the exam room 15 minutes before the exam starts with their student cards. A student who is more than 30 minutes late will not be allowed to take the exam! 

Students are not allowed to leave the exam room until the end of the exam. 

Students will be seated according to the proctor’s instructions, and may be asked to move at any time. 

Students will be asked to sign a declaration of integrity. 

The use of notes, dictionaries or other books is not allowed, unless specifically permitted by the teacher. All personal belongings (cell phones, school bags, etc.) will be placed in a designated area of the exam room. 

Answers must be written in clear handwriting in pen inside the exam booklet only! Do not write in the margins. Rough drafts must be clearly labeled as such. 

Do not tear pages out of the exam booklet. Upon finishing the exam, please return the exam booklet (and the exam questionnaire, if required) to the proctors and leave the exam room quietly. 

The teacher will visit the class within the first 30 minutes of the exam to answer questions. 

Note: The proctors are not allowed to answer questions. 

Appealing an Exam Grade 

  • Appeal forms will be available at the Graduate Studies office. 
  • The appeal must be submitted in writing within two weeks after the posting of grades. 
  • The student will explain in detail his/her reasons for appealing. 
  • In cases where the grade is changed, the revised grade will be considered the exam grade. 
  • The revised grade or the teacher’s explanation will be returned to the student on the appeal form within three weeks. 




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