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Graduate activities updates

Mrs. Esther Amon & Mr. Danny Faifman 

Graduate Community Coordinators (GCC)  

Office: Boyar Bldg. room 524 


The GCC, in cooperation with the RIS Office of Student Activities (OSA), is responsible for promoting and initiating social, cultural and academic extracurricular activities for RIS graduate students as well as helps students adjust to life on campus and around Jerusalem.  


A newsletter containing a list of events and activities, taking place both on and off campus is sent out every other week.  

Students can also get updated and find out some useful tips about Jerusalem and the Israeli way of life, by visiting the graduate Facebook group. There, they can connect with their fellow graduate students and share ideas, photos etc. 

In addition, students are welcome to contact Danny & Esther with ideas for activities, such as lectures, tours and other special events. 


GCC Contact Information:  



Telephone: Danny 0544516992 & Esther 0507415643  

Join us on: Facebook J 

Reception Hours:    

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 10:30-14:00  

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