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Tuition & Fees for Undergraduate Study Abroad Programs

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We’ve clearly outlined the details of your tuition and fees below. Note that your program will begin with a Hebrew-language ulpan before the beginning of the semester.

Special Interest Programs

If you are interested in studying in a subject-specific Special Interest Program, please see the individual program page for specific requirements.

(NOTE: For Arabic Immersion tuition and fees, see below).

Tuition & Housing

We’ve outlined the details of your tuition and fees below. Note that your program will begin with a Hebrew-language ulpan before the beginning of the semester.

Pre-Semester Ulpan Fees

The following fees apply for both full-time and part-time students.

ProgramTuitionHousingPayment Deadline
Jerusalem UlpanUS$ 1,740US$ 1,020June 12, 2017
Summer UlpanUS$ 2,415US$ 1,570July 23, 2017
September UlpanUS$ 1,410US$ 1,030August 17, 2017
Winter UlpanUS$ 1,370US$ 620January 10, 2018


SessionTuitionHousingPayment Deadline
Full YearUS$ 12,700US$ 5,430September 26, 2017
Autumn SemesterUS$ 8,100US$ 1,940September 26, 2017
Spring SemesterUS$ 8,100US$ 2,530February 6, 2018


  • If you prefer a part-time program, you may take up to two courses per semester, including Modern Hebrew. One year-long course is equivalent to two semester courses.
  • In addition to the administrative fee, there is an additional fee per course.
SessionAdministrative FeeCourse Fee per SemesterHousing
Full YearUS$ 955Modern Hebrew courses:
US$ 170 per weekly hour
Undergraduate courses:
US$ 400 per credit
US$ 5,430
Autumn SemesterUS$ 525US$ 1,940
Spring SemesterUS$ 545US$ 2,530

Extending Your Stay

If , because of your course schedule, you need to continue residing in university housing after your official check-out date , you must notify the Finance Offices within one month of the beginning of the semester.  Please Note: You will be charged an additional fee for extending your housing and health insurance.

Additional Costs

The following fees apply for both full-time and part-time students.

Miscellaneous FeesCharges
Replacement of student cardNIS 60
Hard copy of transcripts (beyond first 5)*US$ 15
Request a certified e-transcript (one-time fee)US$ 10
Email an e-transcript to any specified address (per copy)US$ 15

Tuition Refunds

Pre-Semester Ulpan and/or Part-Time Students

Date of WithdrawalCharged
Prior to the beginning of programUS$ 250
During the first three days of program25% of tuition fee
Between the fourth and the sixth day50% of tuition fee
After the sixth day100% of tuition fee

Full-Time Students

If you withdraw prior to the beginning of the academic year/semester, you’ll be charged a US$ 250 withdrawal fee – and for any points you may have utilized for activities. Once the academic year begins, the withdrawal charges are as follows:

SessionOctober 15, 2017November 15, 2017January 1, 2018February 22, 2018March 25, 2018
Academic YearUS$ 4,075US$ 8,100US$ 8,735US$ 12,7000
Autumn SemesterUS$ 2,925US$ 8,100n/an/an/a
Spring Semestern/an/an/aUS$ 2,925US$ 8,100

Housing Refunds

If you have accepted a room key or have moved personal possessions into a room and then wish to vacate university housing, you must submit written notification to the Rothberg International School Finance Office, Boyar Building, Room 501/502. If you cancel your housing reservation or vacate your room by October 14, 2017you will receive a refund for the housing fee. If you vacate university housing between October 15, 2017 and the end of the autumn semester (January 7, 2018), you will be charged for the entire month in which you vacate your room plus one additional month of rent. After the end of the autumn semester, no refund is available for the balance of the academic year. Once winter/spring semester RIS students occupy a room, no housing fee refunds will be issued

Changing Enrollment

If you change your enrollment from one year to one semester (or one semester to one year), you must notify your academic adviser and the Finance Office (Boyar Building, Room 501/502) in writing. The fees are outlined here:

One Year to One Semester  

Notification By:January 1, 2018February 21, 2018From February 22, 2018
Academic YearUS$ 8,100US$ 8,735US$ 12,700

One Semester to One Year

Notification By:January 1, 2018
Autumn SemesterUS$ 12,700
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