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Tuition: Israeli Citizen Residents

RIS reserves the right to change fees at any time.

These tuition costs for Mechina Program and Sadarah students apply only to Israeli citizens who are residents of Israel, including new immigrants. If you are an international student or Israeli citizen who is not a resident of Israel, please see the page for International & Israeli Citizen Non-Residents

Students taking more than one program (i.e., Summer Ulpan and Autumn Semester) are required to meet all their financial obligations by the deadline of the first program they will attend.

Application Fee

  • NIS 360 (per academic year; non-refundable)

General Notes

  • You are personally responsible for joining a health fund (kupat cholim) to ensure access to medical care.
  • Discharged soldiers and those who completed National Service (Sherut Leumi) may qualify for scholarships from the Ministry of Defense.
  • Scholarships are available from the Ministry of Education for Israeli citizens at a low socioeconomic level. Please contact us.
  • Housing is arranged with the main Hebrew University Housing Office. The fees are paid in Israeli currency (NIS) monthly via a bank standing order. Learn more about housing.

Pre-Semester Program Requirements

You will take a placement exam to determine your placement in the language ulpan the summer before the start of your program. 

Summer ProgramTuitionHousingPayment Deadline
Summer Ulpan (Levels Aleph – Gimmel) NIS 8,580 or official scholarship letter from the Student Authority*See info about housing hereJuly 3, 2023
Summer Ulpan (Levels Delet – Vav) NIS 6,100 or official Scholarship letter from the Student Authority*July 3, 2023

*Scholarships received from the Council for Higher Education will be deducted from the NIS 4,560 tuition fee.

Learn more about the ulpan. Learn about scholarships and financial aid.

Academic Year

Program Tuition:

Student Type (for Academic Year)TuitionHousingPayment Deadline
Israeli Citizens (with an Israeli Identity Card)NIS 14,560*See info about housing hereSeptember 19, 2023
New Immigrants – Student AuthorityNIS 700 + official scholarship letter
Discharged Israeli Soldiers / Sherut Leumi ParticipantsNIS 700

*Scholarships received from the Council for Higher Education will be deducted from the NIS 14,560 tuition fee.

Learn about scholarships and financial aid, or ask us about part-time study options.

معلومات مالية لطلاب شرقي القدس/Financial information for students from East Jerusalem. 

Part-Time Students

You may opt to take up to two courses per semester, including Modern Hebrew. In order to calculate your total cost, add the Administrative Fee to your Course Fee per Semester costs. Note that one academic year course is equivalent to two semester courses.

Period of Studies Administrative Fee* Course Fee Per Semester Housing
Autumn Semester $810General Course – $400 per credit
Language / Mathematics – $170 per weekly hour
Spring Semester $850$3,930
Full Year$1,240$7,180

* Fees include health insurance.


Miscellaneous Charges
Replacement of student cardNIS 60
Visa letterUS$ 15
Hard copy of transcripts (beyond first five)*US$ 15
Request a certified e-transcript (one-time fee)US$ 10
Email an e-transcript to any specified address (per copy)US$ 15

Order transcripts.


Hebrew Language Courses & Part-Time Student Refunds

Prior to the beginning of programNIS 800
During the first three days of program25% of tuition fee
Between the fourth and sixth day50% of tuition fee
After the sixth day100% of tuition fee

Tuition Refunds

Withdrawal from the program for any reason is only possible by filling out the Notice of Withdrawal form. This form must be approved and signed by the department. Students who withdraw prior to the beginning of the academic year/semester are charged a NIS 800 withdrawal fee and for any points they may have utilized for OSL activities. Once the academic year begins, the withdrawal charges are:

From:October 16, 2023November 15, 2023January 22, 2024February 19, 2024
Israeli CitizensNIS 3,854NIS 9,072NIS 9,800NIS 14,560

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