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The multimedia courseware for learning Hebrew is one of a number of projects developed under the umbrella of the Sfatarbut (Culture and Learning) Program of the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies. The courseware was developed by senior members of the Division of Hebrew Language Instruction to enable overseas students like you to get acquainted with the many facets of Israeli culture through the study of Modern Hebrew.

All courseware provided here is copyright © 2003 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Aleph-Bet Click

Aleph-Bet Click makes it possible for anyone to learn the Hebrew alphabet through the use of foreign words as well as reading and writing exercises (using Hebrew letters). Through Aleph-Bet Click, you have access to a virtual dictionary, which shows you how to write each letter and word – and how to pronounce them.

First Steps in Hebrew

First Steps in Hebrew is the direct continuation of Aleph-Bet Click. It is designed to facilitate your acquisition of basic words in Hebrew. Using an interactive method, you’ll acquire words such as pronouns and basic grammatical structures. Exercises include multiple-choice selections and writing with a virtual keyboard. An English translation accompanies the courseware.

Running Story

Running Story (Sipuratz) is reading comprehension courseware in which you’ll predict the continuation of a story through the use of reading strategies (e.g., adverbs, clue words, inferences, etc.). It is designed for students at the intermediate level. A dictionary is included.

The Hebrew Verb

The Hebrew Verb enables you to learn and practice the seven Hebrew verb structures. It includes a wide selection of written and oral exercises, as well as feedback to the answers and tests at the end of each section. It is designed for students at the high beginner and intermediate levels. A dictionary is included.

Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle uses crossword puzzles as a means of promoting the practice of Hebrew verbs and enriching your vocabulary. The present series focuses on weak verb forms. The courseware has a generator, which is a user-friendly tool for creating new crossword puzzles to exercise vocabulary, grammar, etc. It is designed for students at the intermediate and advanced levels.

Hebrew from the Movies

Hebrew from the Movies is designed to provide you with skills for viewing original movies dealing with cultural and social issues in Israel. The learning stages include reading and listening comprehension, oral and written expression, and vocabulary enrichment. The movies are supplemented with a simultaneous script and a dictionary. This courseware is suitable for the intermediate and advanced levels.

Otzar Milim

Otzar Milim is designed to enrich and expand your vocabulary. While using this program, you’ll complete new word exercises based on texts dealing with Israeli culture and society. This courseware is intended for students at the advanced level.

Sabra Sound

Sabra Sound is designed to improve the Hebrew accent of speakers of American English, and it may be useful for speakers of other languages as well. It uses audio-visual technology and is accompanied by acoustic speech analysis software. The courseware deals with the components of accent, which include intonation, the pronunciation of consonants and vowels, and stress. Each subject is divided into two parts: learning and exercises. The exercises are accompanied by amusing games and graphics. A dictionary is provided.

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