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Mitchell Hamline Law School - Conflict Resolution from Religious Traditions

Photo by Joann Lee

January 2 - 17, 2017


Israel is a religiously, politically and culturally diverse society searching for both traditional and new methods for resolving disputes that arise among individuals and communities. Studying law and conflict resolution in Jerusalem provides a fresh perspective on the interaction of law and religion, and challenges assumptions and beliefs. Students will explore traditional dispute resolution methods -- such as Beth Din, Christian and Muslim courts, and Palestinian silha -- the ways in which Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious communities have shaped dispute resolution values, the major conflicts facing Israeli society today, and the ways in which modern methods have been adapted to the cultures within Israel to resolve these conflicts.  Students will have the opportunity to meet with individuals actually involved in peacemaking in Jerusalem.

To get an impression of the program, please take a look at the promotional film.


For further information, contact Sharon Press .


For full program details, please refer to the Hamline University School of Law website.

**Please note: The Hebrew University reserves the right to cancel courses for which there is insufficient registration***

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