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Grades & Credits


Course Grades


Generally, students receive a numeric and letter grade for Hebrew language courses.


Pass/Fail: All students may opt to have their grades recorded as Pass/Fail in the intensive Hebrew language courses (Summer and Winter Ulpan). External students may receive a Pass/Fail grade also for semester courses. Those who wish to transfer credit are urged to ascertain in advance with their home college or university whether a Pass/Fail grade is acceptable.


Act.P. (Active Participation = The student participated in the course without being required to take examinations.) This option may only be selected by external students, and must be approved by the program coordinator in advance. Students who choose this option should be aware that they will not receive academic credit.


The decision to receive a grade of Pass/Fail or Act.P. is binding and cannot be changed.


Hebrew University Grade Scale


 A +  95-100  B  78-81  C -  65-67
 A  88-94  B -  75-77  D  60-64
 A -  85-87  C +  72-74  Fail  0-59
 B +  82-84  C  68-71  



Course Credits


An academic hour equals 45 minutes. In the Summer and Winter Ulpan, 1 credit point equals 20 academic hours. In the semester courses, credit points are awarded according to the policy of the program in which the course is offered. Students should consult in advance with the appropriate authorities at their home university concerning the transfer of credits.


Students are entitled to receive five copies of their transcript free of charge within six months of completing all the requirements of their program. Additional transcripts, or copies requested after the six-month period, will be sent upon request for a fee.


External students receive their transcripts from the Division of Hebrew Language Instruction, upon request. Students enrolled in the Graduate, Undergraduate or Mechina programs at the RIS receive their transcripts, including their Hebrew courses, from the office of the program in which they are enrolled.


Transcripts cannot not be issued in cases where there are outstanding tuition, housing or health insurance fees, owed library books or unreturned dormitory keys.

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