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Housing Policy




Hebrew University in Jerusalem



The Office of the Dean of Students


Student Dormitories Regulations



Part A: Definitions


1.       Definitions


          In these Regulations -


1.1     Dormitories             The Student dormitory buildings as in the “Letter of Authorization and Undertaking” and the areas adjacent to these buildings.


1.2     Student                     Anyone accepted as a regular student of the University, possessing a valid student card for the entire duration of the authorization, having paid the tuition fees at such rates and on such dates as determined by the University, and having filed a studies form on time, excluding any person expelled from studies, whether permanently or for a set period, and anyone who ceases their studies in practice.


1.3     Resident                    Any Student who obtains authorization to use a room at the dormitories, from the time of obtaining the dormitory residency authorization and until the time of officially leaving the dormitory.


1.4     Invitee                       Any visitor to the dormitories and any guest of a Resident, whether or not invited pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of these regulations.


1.5     The “Dean                  The University’s Dean of Students or someone authorized by him/her.


1.6     The “Administrator   The person appointed, from time to time, by the Operator to the position of the student dormitory administrator.


1.7     The “Operator           The Hebrew University who has the rights to manage and operate the dormitories including granting this Authorization and/or anyone replacing them and/or acting for them with regard to operation and management of the dormitories.


Part B: General Provisions


2.       Interpretation


2.1     The meaning of the remainder of the terms in these regulations shall be the same meaning as accorded to them in the authorization letter.


2.2     The section headings in these regulations are for convenience only and shall not be used in their interpretation.


3.       Application


3.1     These regulations shall apply from the date of their publication to all students, residents and invitees.


4.       Combined Regulations


4.1     The provisions of these regulations are in addition to the provisions of every undertaking or agreement entered into by a resident with respect to the use of the dormitories, and does not detract therefrom.


4.2     The provisions of these regulations are in addition to the provisions of any other University regulations and does not detract therefrom.

5.       Adherence


5.1     All residents, students and invitees shall be obliged to obey, to adhere and to comply with the provisions and instructions published in writing from time to time by the Dean and/or the Operator, and with every oral instruction of the dormitory staff given on a material basis, including a demand to allow entry as provided by Section 7 below and a demand as provided in Section 6.1 below, and including a demand to identify oneself.


5.2     All residents, students and invitees shall be obliged to comply with the instructions of the University security officers and/or the Operator, and to obey the special security instructions given to them by or on their behalf from time to time.


6.       Housing Arrangements


6.1     The original placement of the resident in the dormitories shall be determined by the University.  Other housing arrangements in the dormitories shall be determined by the dormitory administrator or by a person  on his behalf, who shall be entitled to change these arrangements from time to time at his consideration, and to instruct any resident to clear the room which he/she is using and to move to another room in the dormitory or in another dormitory.


6.2   A notice as aforesaid shall be given at least 72 hours in advance, and the resident shall be obliged to adhere to such instruction prior to any objection or appeal.  Despite what is stated above, in special circumstances, at the discretion of the dormitory administrator, instructions may be given for immediate evacuation of a room/apartment and the resident must comply with this instruction.


6.3     The resident shall not move from one room in the dormitory to another and from a room in one dormitory to a room in another without the prior written consent of the dormitory administrator.


6.4   Smoking is forbidden in all public areas of the student dormitories. For your   information, students who violate this regulation will be subject to a monetary fine, in accordance with the law.




7.       Supervision and Refurbishment


7.1     The Operator, the dormitory administrator, the security officer and and every person on their behalf, may enter into any room in the dormitories at any reasonable time, even if in the absence of the residents, in order to ensure that the residents are complying with their obligations in accordance with the provisions of these regulations and the authorization letter.


7.2     The Operator’s employees and/or their representatives may enter into any room in order to conduct refurbishment works and/or repairs therein, following coordination with the dormitory administrator.


7.3    In the case of danger or emergency, they may enter a room without prior notice.


7.4     The Operator may at any time refurbish and/or repair and/or demolish and/or construct in any room and/or apartment and/or building and/or area in the dormitories and the students shall not be entitled to any compensation whatsoever for any damage and/or nuisance which may be caused them as a result of the above, including replacement of a lock as deteiled in section 17.6.1.


8.       Assignment


          The right to use a room or any part thereof may not be assigned to another/others.  A resident who assigns the usage rights or allows others to live in his room immediately forfits his rights to the dormitory and will be charged with usage fees as determined by the Operator for the full period of authorization, and that in addition to any other step that the University and/or the Operator is entitled to take.


9.       Cleanliness


          The residents shall clean the rooms and the apartments and shall maintain order and cleanliness therein, in the common facilities and in the dormitories.


10.       Order and public peace


10.1   No breach of the order or agitation in the dormitories, or any other action which may prejudice the proper order of life in the dormitories and/or harm public sensitivites, may be caused by any act or omission.


10.2   No nuisance, inconvenience or discomfort may be caused to a resident and/or an invitee.


10.3   Quiet must be maintained and no unreasonable noise may be caused in the room and in the dormitories.


10.4   By law, it is forbidden to encourage, say or publish encouragement, praise, identification with  or sympathy with acts of violence or terror; furthermore it is forbidden to say or publish words of discrimination and words which may cause hatred, contempt, or disloyalty to the State of Israel or to encourage hatred amongst the various parts of its population.


10.5  Residents of the dormitories are required to act with mutual respect and to refrain from expressions and behaviour which would cause agitation or disturbance of order.


10.6  The University allows for holding political activity only in the areas designated for that, and with the approval of the Dean of Students only, all as detailed in the “Statutes for Student Activity”; the areas of the dormitories are designed for housing and therefore it is absolutely forbidden to hold political activites of any sort in the areas of the dormitories, including, meetings, lectures, distribution of flyers or other written material, hanging notices, posters, or expression of opinion in public, including by dress, behavior, or any other manner.  This behavior is forbidden in the entire dormitories compound including the courtyard, in an apartment or in a room.


10.7   Any person violating these regulatins may have the authorization agreement with him/her terminated and be expelled from the dormitory, according to the Univeristy’s instruction, as detailed in item 10.1 of the agreement.

11.     Building, Furniture and Equipment


11.1   The residents shall maintain the rooms, the apartments and the dormitories, including the equipment and furniture therein and the common facilities, and shall be responsible to keep them intact, clean and in a proper state of repair.


11.2   Furniture, equipment and common facilities may not be taken out and/or transferred within the room, from one room to another or from one apartment to another, or from common areas to a room or from any place in a common area to another place in or outside the dormitories.


11.3   No changes, repairs or additions whatsoever may be made, whether internal changes or whether external changes (as detailed below in this Section – “the changes”) to the walls, doors, other building parts, furniture, electrical and water systems, equipment and common facilities, which, may not be impaired, whether by painting, adhesion, insertion of nails or tacks or by any other means.


11.4   The residents shall be charged for the full cost of dismantling and/or  removal of the changes.


11.5   No private furniture may be brought into the dormitories, including any appliances and/or electrical equipment and/or any requiring gas, water and hot water for their operation, without the prior written consent of the dormitory administrator.


11.5.1    Consent as provided above may be revoked at any time at the absolute discretion of the University and/or the Operator.


11.5.2    The residents hereby permit the University and/or the Operator to confiscate any appliance as provided by Section 11.5 above that may be found in their possession in contravention of the terms detailed above, even if such appliance is found in a room while not operating and/or connected to the systems.


11.5.3    Any resident who brings into the dormitories any appliance as provided by Section 11.5 above, or such appliance is found in his/her possession, without having obtained a consent as aforesaid, may be asked to pay the University or the Operator such payments as shall be determined by the University and/or the Operator for keeping the appliances from the commencement of the authorization period and until the date of discovery of the appliance or until such other date as the University and/or the Operator may determine, all without derogating from any other rights of the University or the Operator pursuant to the authorization letter, these regulations and any law.


11.6   All residents shall procure bed linen, themselves and at their own expense, unless otherwise provided by the authorization agreement.


12.  Medical Insurance


12.1          A resident must be insured with an appropriate and comprehensive medical insurance.


12.2          The University and/or the Operator shall not be responsible for providing medical remedies of any type.




13.     Reporting


          Each resident shall immediately report to the dormitory administrator the following:


13.1   Any change in his/her permanent address and/or family status (marriage).


13.2   The cessation of studies at the University.


13.3  Any absence from the dormitories or leaving, whether if they were reported or not, do not provide the resident with any waiver or reduction in the payment of usage fees.


14.     Guests


14.1   No person may be accommodated at the dormitories.


14.2   Residents shall be personally responsible for the actions of their guests in the dormitories, whether or not permission for such visit is given by the dormitory administrator.


14.3   The Dean of Students and/or the administrator of the dormitory may determine special arrangements with regard to guest visits and the residents must comply with these arrangements.


14.4      Procedures for the Entrance of Residents and Guests to the Dormitories


14.4.1 Entrance of residents to the dormitories is only with the production of a dormitory identification card (given to each resident on the day of their entrance in to the dorms) or by a Hebrew University student identification card (even if they are not residents).


14.4.2 It is completely forbidden to hand over a dorm resident card to guests for their use.


14.4.3 Entrance of guests of dorm residents (for the purpose of a visit and not for overnight stays) is permissible at the invitation of the dorm resident.


14.4.4 The guest will wear a visitor's tag given to them by a security officer at the entrance to the dormitories.


14.4.5 Guests who are not residents (or regular students) will be asked to temporarily deposit means of identification at the entrance to the dormitories.


14.4.6 The regulations of the dormitories refers to among others, behavioral conduct in the dorms, ensuring quiet, the prohibition of alcohol as well as the possession or use of hookah pipes (nargila) or similar, that the dorm residents and their guests are committed to these regulations in both the public areas and the private areas of the dormitories and individual apartments.


14.4.7 The dorm residents hosting guests will take responsibility for the behavior of their guests. Any damage caused by a guest will result in the resident host being debited.


14.4.8 Guests of dorm residents are not allowed to sleep over in the dormitories. Residence of a guest in the dormitories who does not have written permission to do so, will be viewed as breaking the dormitory regulations, and could result in their future banishment from the dormitories. In addition, a guest's stay that has not been authorized will result in the hosting dorm resident being charged for each guest at a rate of three times the cost of the normal charges for a stay at the dorms.


15.     Animals


          No animals may be kept or raised in the dormitories.


16.     Prohibiton of Gambling, Drugs and Weapons


16.1   No prohibited games, lotteries or gambling, within their meaning in Part 12 of Chapter 8 of the Penal Law 5737 - 1977 may be held in the dormitories - no one may participate therein nor allow them to take place in the room or the dormitories.


16.2          No explosives and/or other destructive materials may be kept in the   

            dormitories and no weapons may be carried or kept therein (even if the  

            possessor has a valid license) without the prior written consent of the    

            security officer of the University and/or of the Operator.


16.3   Any use of drugs and intoxicating beverages in the dormitories is prohibited. It is prohibited to be inebriated in the dormitories and to drink to inebriation therein, or to allow such use in the dormitories.



16.4  For the reasons of safety, it is absolutely prohibited to either possess or use a      

          hookah (nargila) in the vicinities of the public areas of the dormitories nor in     

         individual apartments and dormitory bedrooms. Anyone violating this regulation     

         will be penalized financially according to law.



16.5 For the reasons of safety, it is absolutely prohibited to either possess or use a  

        hookah (nargila) in the vicinities of the public areas of the dormitories nor in    

        individual apartments and dormitory bedrooms. Anyone violating this regulation

        will be penalized financially according to law.


17.     Evacuation


17.1          All residents must leave the room/apartment, equipment, furniture and common facilities, immediately upon termination of the authorization period or upon revocation of the authorization in the authorization letter or upon its expiry, all on the earliest date, must restore them to the exclusive use of the Operator when they are empty and clear of any person and personal objects, and in a reasonable and proper state of repair and clean and fit for immediate use, subject to reasonable wear and tear (in accordance with the decision of the authorized University bodies and/or the Operator).


17.2          If the residents do not remove their possessions as stated, such possessions shall be stored in the Operator’s storage facilities or in any other place as provided by Section 10.1.2 of the authorization letter. The residents shall be charged with storage expenses at a rate of 5% of the level of monthly usage fees at the dormitories existing at that time, for each day, commencing on the date of evacuation and until the date of removal of the possessions by the resident.


17.3          The Operator and/or the University and/or any of its employees and/or persons acting on its behalf shall not be responsible for any damage and/or loss caused to such possessions.


17.4          If the resident does not remove the possessions within 30 days from the date on which they are stored as aforesaid, he/she waives ownership thereof and they are assigned to the Operator, which may do with them as it pleases without any need for giving of notice or warning thereof to the resident.


17.5   If the resident does not return the room/apartment or the equipment and the furniture or the common facilities, as provided by Section 17.1 above, the resident shall be charged with the payment of expenses as may be required in accordance with the decision of the Operator and/or the University.


17.6   If the resident does not clear the room as stated in section 17.5, the Operator is entitled, without derogating from what is stated in item 10.1.2 in the Letter of Authorization:


17.6.1      To lock the Door of the room so that the resident cannot enter the room, including replacement of the keys to the room.


17.6.2        To cut off the supply of electricity and water and any other services to the room and to withhold these services.


Part C: Loss and Damage


18.     Resident’s Responsibility


18.1   The residents shall protect all their personal possessions including valuables, and shall be responsible for any damage and/or loss and/or theft and/or defect and/or fault and/or breakage caused to the room, the apartment, the furniture and the equipment and to the common facilities (hereinafter - the damage).


18.2  The Operator and/or the University, its employees and any person acting in their name and on its behalf shall not have any obligations regarding any damage.


18.3  The provisions of this Section shall not impose on the residents any responsibility for damage emanating from ordinary and reasonable use.


18.4   The residents shall immediately notify the dormitory administrator of any damage.


18.5  Any damage emanating from wear and tear as a result of reasonable use shall be repaired, as necessary, by the Operator.


18.6   Without derogating from the rights of the University and/or the Operator pursuant to these regulations or the authorization letter or the disciplinary statutes or any law, the residents shall be obliged to return to the Operator any sum expended for repair and/ or replacement due to damage, which is not the result of ordinary and reasonable use, upon the Operator’s demand.


18.7   The residents shall not add protective measures to the existing measures for any reason whatsoever.


19.       Charging Residents for Payment of Damage Costs


19.1   In any case of damage the Operator and/or the dormitory administrator  shall ascertain the level of the damage, shall invite the residents and, following deliberation with them shall determine whether they are obliged to pay the Operator the aforesaid damage costs or any part thereof, and shall determine the level of the payment and its terms, provided only that if it is possible to attribute the damage to one student, that one student only shall be charged, and if it is not possible - the residents shall be charged in equal parts amongst themselves.

19.2       The Operator reserves the right to repair the damage at any time it deems fit, even if the resident who pays for the cost of the repair of the damage does not directly enjoy it.


19.3  The residents may appeal decisions of the Operator before the Dean of Students within 7 days from the time the decision was given.

19.4  The Dean shall hear the claims of the appellant and the Operator and shall rule on the appeal.  In the event of damage, the Dean shall be entitled, but not required, to consult with an assessor before giving a verdict.

19.5  The decision of the Dean shall be final.



Part D: Termination of Right to Dormitories


20.     Social Unfitness


          The University may, at any time, terminate a resident’s right to use the dormitories, due to a social unfitness which impairs the orderly life style of the dormitories.  The decision shall be made by the Dean, at the request of the Operator and after the resident was given an opportunity to state his claims.


20.1   An appeal on the decision of the Dean shall be considered by the Rector of the Univeristy, whose decision shall be final. 


21.     Offenses and Apparent Offenses


          Any residents involved in a criminal act or indicted on suspicion of committing a criminal offense in a court of law, or convicted in disciplinary hearings of a dishonorable act or an act constituting breach of order in the dormitories and/or at the University, including conviction pursuant to one or more of Sub-sections (a), (f), (g), (j) of Section 15 of the disciplinary regulations, the University may immediately revoke their authorization letter and the Operator will cancel the authorization as stated.



22.     Contravention or termination of the agreement regarding the main sections or a disciplinary committee


22.1   If a resident contravenes and/or does not comply with any provisions of these regulations, the University may immediately revoke their authorization letter, provided that the resident is first given 7 days’ notice, and the Operator shall cancel the authorization as instructed, without derogating from any other rights of the Operator and/or the University pursuant to these regulations or the authorization letter or the disciplinary statutes or any law.


22.2          If the resident is involved in physical violence, including fights on the grounds of the University or the dormitories, the Dean may instruct immediate termination of the authorization agreement and the Operator will cancel it according to the instruction as stated.


22.3          Further to what is stated above, the University may, in cases that the Dean thinks that the continued presence of the resident in the dormitories may disrupt the public order, or harm other residents or the University or the Operator, order the immediate termination of the authorization agreement and demand his immediate vacating of his room and the Operator shall cancel the authorization according to the said instruction.


Part E: Miscellaneous


23.     Clearance


23.1   Any payment due from the residents to the Operator and/or the University, pursuant to these regulations, must be paid within 14 days of the date of the written demand for payment, and, if not so paid, the Dean may instruct that the provision of any services to the resident at the dormitories and at the University be suspended, until clearance of such debt.


23.2  The The University and/or the Operator may determine, that a resident’s debt to the University and/or the Operator, shall be collected whether immediately or in installments, and may oblige the resident to clear such debt in cash.


24.     Lack of Rights


          Any person using a room without possessing a right to do so according to the determination of the authorized bodies of the University, shall pay for the period during which he/she used such room/apartment according to a tariff to be determined by the University and the Operator.

25.     Right to Legal Proceedings


          It is hereby agreed that the Courts in Jerusalem shall have the sole  jurisdiction to deal with any claim between the resident and the Operator and/or the University which stems from these regulations.   


26.    Lack of Claims


            In any event of cancellation of the authorization or expulsion of a resident, in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations and/or the Letter of Authorization, including cancellation of authorization and/or evacuation in the course of the period of authorization, the resident may not claim or have any demands against the University and/or against the Operator and the University and/or the Operator shall bear no responsibility related to the cancellation of the authorization and/or evacuation and/or damage which is caused to the resident and/or to any third party as a result of this.


Part F:  Appendices


Safety Appendix


Residents must read carefully and ensure compliance with the safety rules as detailed in the Appendix “Safety”.




1.1     Fire hazards - open fire heaters and gas-operated heaters shall only be operated in the alert presence of their operator.


1.2     All burning objects must be removed from the fire source.


1.3     No clothes may be dried or placed in the proximity of heaters of any kind.


1.4     The residents shall ensure that gas faucets are switched off upon termination of use.


1.5  In any case of a suspected gas leak, the facility’s central safety faucet must be switched off, a sign prohibiting use must be placed, and a report must be made immediately to the dormitory administrator or the maintenance center.


1.6  The faucet shall be re-opened for use following inspection by the maintenance department only.


1.7     Open fire facilities shall be operated only when an appropriate opening is left for the passage of oxygen into the room or the kitchen.


1.8     It is additionally and particularly emphasized that no changes and/or additions may be made to the gas network by the residents, even if they have an appropriate government permit in their possession.


Fire Fighting


2.1     All residents shall verify the location of the fire extinguishers and operate them at a time of fire only.


2.2     Fighting fire with water may only be conducted after the electricity to the floor is cut off and in the presence of the supervisors.


Electrocution Hazards


3.1     The electric system may not be used in the case that it includes exposed wires, broken or defective sockets or switches, faulty electrical equipment and so on.


3.2    The residents must report immediately  to the maintenance headquarters.


3.3     It is additionally and particularly emphasized that no electric infrastructure may be  changed and/or laid by the residents, or by order of the residents through an external body, even if they have an appropriate government permit in their possession


Hazard of Falling


4.1     It is absolutely prohibited to climb onto the roofs of the buildings for any reason whatsoever, to climb or to sit on the window sills or in high places.


4.2           No windows, screens or any part thereof may be dismantled.


4.3     Plants or any other articles shall not be placed on the window ledges on 
           the outside or on the ouside walls.


5.       Escape Routes During Emergencies


          The residents are requested to familiarize themselves with the residence building and the possible escape routes therefrom and with the fire fighting equipment in the dormitory. Advice may be obtained from the dormitory administrator.


6    A resident must notify the security officer of the University or the dormitory administrator of any suspicious object or person found/seen in the dormitories.



Appendix of Recommendations



Locking the room


1.1     When leaving, lock the room.    A room without supervision invites unwanted guests.  A reminder, the Operator and/or the University is not responsible for equipment stolen or lost.


1.2     The keys to the room and/or the apartment may not be given to another/others.  If you lose a key, go immediately to the dormitory administrator or the person on duty in the afternoon and tell him about it.  Keys should not be duplicated without permission and through the offices of the dormitories.  The duplication requires payment by the resident and a fine of NIS 300.


1.3     The locks to the apartment and/or the room may not be replaced or added to, no security lock or a lock within the lock may be hung or fixed, and the room and the apartment may not be closed in any other manner except with the key supplied by the Operator.


1.4  The Operator may dismantle and remove any key and/or bolt fixed or installed or hung in contravention of this regulation and to charge the resident for the expense and damage in this regard.


Complementary Services


          Energy sources in Israel are limited and expensive.  Please do not waste water, hot water, or make excessive use of electricity or gas.




3.1  For personal and public hygience and health, everyone should keep their rooms, apartment, and kitchen clean, and try to maintain order and cleanliness also in the joint installations.


3.2  Do not store food or prepare food in the rooms.


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