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Rothberg International School The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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The student housing complexes on Mount Scopus, overlooking the incredible panorama of Jerusalem, are walking distrance from the University. They offer an independent setting appropriate for overseas students. Living in University housing is an important part of the overall experience of studying abroad. RIS students have the opportunity to meet new friends from different cultures and continents – North America, South America, Asia, Africa Europe and Australia – as well as a chance to share experiences with Israeli students.

Students are usually housed in air-conditioned apartments with single bedrooms. The bedrooms contain a bed, desk, chair and closet. Kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared. There is free internet access.  


Students must supply their own bedroom linens and blankets, dishes and cooking utensils. Students may bring their own laptops, T.V. sets (PAL system), DVD, etc. There is a service from which students may purchase the needed items and have them delivered to them in Israel.  For more information please visit or


There is no meal plan, but the kitchens are equipped with stove burners and refrigerators for preparing light meals and snacks.  Moderately priced kosher cafeterias and snack bars, as well as small supermarkets, can be found in or near each student housing complex. Laundry facilities are also available. 

A staff of specially selected Israeli students (called madrichim), who reside in the dormitories, assist RIS students in adjusting to campus life at the Hebrew University  and help them obtain the full benefit of their stay in Israel.  

Room Changes

Students wishing to change rooms may do so only through the housing supervisor. It is imperative that the supervisor has the student’s correct address on file at all times.

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